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In all oral and poster sessions, our intent is to highlight the use of light stable isotopes, radiogenic, non-traditional (non-CHONS), and any other isotope methods in each of the topical sessions, rather than to feature individual methods in each session.  Our hope is that this will produce the greatest amount of cross-fertilization of our varied approaches in isotope geochemistry.

The following session topics have been proposed by the Scientific Committee, but we also will be very happy to receive presentations on other topics in isotope geochemistry:

  • Water isotopes and hydrologic tracers: A symposium to honor the memory of Prof. Klaus Fröhlich

  • Analytical developments and applications to water-rock interactions

  • Isotope tracers in soil-plant-water interactions

  • Isotope proxies in the critical zone: Deciphering time-dependent processes in weathering profile, natural and anthropogenic fingerprinting of surface and groundwater and residence time assessment

  • Advances with isotopes in polluted environments and delineation of anthropogenic impacts

  • Multi-isotope approaches to trace sources and fate of nutrients and contaminants at the catchment scale

  • Isotopic tracing of environmental impacts of development of conventional and unconventional energy resources




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